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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being in love..... Is it really worth it?

Last night I had a dream. I was swimming in a warm sea during the twilight with a guy, presuming it was my boyfriend because I felt very happy and safe with him. We’ve been swimming, playing in the water until it got dark and then suddenly the shark came and ate my whole arm. Normally I would never go to swim to the sea during the night because I have this terrible fear of sharks. However just because of this guy and the ‘love’ I felt towards him, I completely forgot about the possible danger. Yeah I guess it feels very nice and sweet to love someone or to be loved but do I really want some animal to eat any part of my body? NO!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My lovely ghosts (continuing)

The story how Georgie and Leonie met or the power of worry dolls

Georgie first met Leonie in the parking lot. It was a few days after her grandmother died.
‘Hello. My name is George.’
‘Can I call you Georgie? I like it better’ asked him Leonie with sad face. Despite the rain, Georgie could see that she’s been crying.
‘Yes, of course you can. What’s your name?’
There was a silence after this rather short conversation. Neither an awkward, nor unpleasant one but the silence full of piece and magical understanding. Leonie looked at him with tearful eyes and said: ‘You know, Georgie, I hurt.’
‘That’s ok. I hurt too. Hold my hand.’
What Georgie said was exactly what Leonie needed to hear.
And this is the story how they met. The same night Georgie gave Leonie the worry dolls, probably the only thing that made Leonie wake up every morning.
Georgie said: ’According to Guatemalan legend, when you have a problem, you tell it to the worry doll. Then you put it under the pillow. Next morning the problem disappears and you can smile again...’