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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Part 5: The Tree Queen and her lover (from the series My Lovely ghosts)

Georgie’s soul was inside out without Leonie. Mostly he was walking on the streets with his eyes closed only thinking of her. If his imagination was strong enough, for the brief moments he could actually smell her porcelain skin, observe the five freckles on her nose and listen to the melody her lips whispered when no one was listening. Georgie started to believe in the magic and the power of spirits surrounding lonely souls. He loved talking to the ghosts. The ghosts who loved life too much, who couldn’t bear to leave the sound of a heartbeat, satisfied being invisible for most of the humans and being seen by those who crossed the moon upside down. There was something perhaps a warm sunset in Georgie’s eyes that attracted ghosts and those scared of too much sun. Georgie’s voice sounded like raindrops falling down in an empty cathedral. His eyes had no windows but an open and infinite space.
The only time when Georgie felt happy was when he was with kids. He became a nanny of two little girls. Georgie adored them dearly and with the help of his friendly ghosts he taught them how to dance with fireflies, to walk on the stars and smell the sunlight. Georgie told them the story about a Tree Queen and her lover. The Tree Queen was tired of reigning, of following the rules, her husband and all the duties she didn’t care about. Once she begged her lover to take her to a candy floss field or to run away with her and live in a cave.  Lover didn’t listen to her properly. He wasn’t aware how important it was to her. So she ran away alone, climbed the highest tree and refused to come back to him ever again. She loved it there, surrounded by stars and singing bats. When he found out she was missing, a little piece of his heart vanished and became a firefly which he didn’t seem to be able to catch anymore. The sad lover wanted her back so badly. He would sit underneath the tree day and night, telling her about everything that wasn’t important, that didn’t make any sense. The queen was quiet the whole time. “I don’t need to talk to anyone! I’m a Tree Queen after all”, she thought. But she always glittered when he came. He wanted her back, to live with him. He thought they could start over again. One cold, raw night he stayed underneath the tree too long. She finally talked to him: “We must love another or die.” He became the flowers of her tree.
Girls loved the story and wanted to listen to it every night. Georgie didn’t mind, imagining Leonie as the Tree Queen and him as the lover. He knew he was ready to do anything for her and even if he was only destined to be a single flower on her tree, he wouldn’t mind.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tami, Amélia, Barcelona...

Well, I woke up ready to go to Barcelona, suitcase packed and I was heading to the local station to get a train to Jerez airport. For some certainly not smart reason I decided to walk. It took me about an hour to walk there. What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn’t thinking. I felt so knackered when I arrived to the train station. Of course instead of sitting comfortably on the seat and staring through the window at the passing landscape like in an old French film I got kicked out of my seat by a teenager with the ugliest hair claiming I was sitting on her chair. There’s an obvious miscommunication between the travellers and Spanish train stations. For some reason they assume you know it all. So people travelling in Spain you better get a seat number. Of course my flight had been delayed. So typical.  The airport security didn’t seem to care that I carried razors and scissors in my hand luggage.
As soon as I arrived to Barcelona the whole atmosphere hit me. The city lights blinded me with pleasure, crowd, lively conversations, the way people moved with elegance and smoothness was so beautifully astonishing. Barcelona is a big and busy city yet people smile frequently and seem very relaxed.
Our hostel was in the neighbourhood Eixample. As soon as I got off the metro I was surrounded by expensive fashion shops which made me feel like at home. Amélia was already at the hostel. Words can’t express how happy I was to see her. We immediately went for a dinner and drinks. We spent hours talking and catching up on the time we’ve been apart.
You know hostels are great they have a certain charm and something deeply unique. You meet people with interesting or ridiculous stories, connect with strangers and have sex with strangers in a room with other people sleeping and cursing you for being disgusting but they never say it aloud because that’s what happens. However when three Asian girls wake up at fucking 8am and it takes them literally almost three hours to get ready while they search for their clothes, walk up and down in super loud flip fucking flops and open the door innumerable times and leave it open so the people in the corridor can see my super attractive morning face with a saliva dripping from my mouth, that could be actually ANNOYING!
Amélia wakes up grumpy which is so cute. I wake up surprised and confused, always wondering where I am. The very first morning we actually managed to wake up on time for breakfast and well the rest of the stay we just gave up and fed on delicious croissants and proper coffee instead.  We had been wandering around the city mostly not aware where we were going but we always found the the wanders attracts wonders. We explored Monjuic and its beautiful gardens, climbed up to the castle and watched Barcelona from the top. We talked and talked strictly about love and its relatives (hate, jealousy, vanity....) Amélia has a lot of love stories to tell, she’s been blessed to experience different types of love which is beautifully written on her sublime face.
Barcelona has alluring parks with waterfalls, little lakes and people who sing and enjoy life so much that no matter how depressed you may feel it will raise your spirits up. There’s so much singing, music and rhythm. And Barceloneta is absolutely splendid. One day we took a blue tram to get to Tibidabo Mountain overlooking Barcelona which had an amusement park and a temple. I wasn’t really tempted to try one of the rides. Preferably I would love to live little bit longer and finally find my favourite socks and you know the love of my life or just a love. So we took lots of selfies instead which I guess is the thing people do these incredibly sad and unimaginative times.
I couldn’t believe when the last day came.... I guess the most wonderful days pass by like a lavender breeze leaving behind a gentle smile and tears of memories.