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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Strangers and the rain

I went to see Maps to the Stars on Wednesday at 12pm. It was only me and a very dubious, criminal looking man in the cinema. I thought it was sickly and shockingly beautiful film. If anything you'll surely learn the poem Liberty by Paul Eluard by heart as it is repeated there constantly.

I know that I haven't written a new post for almost 2 weeks but I had to go and see my family for some time.
I used to say that nobody ever talks to me on the planes or trains. Why, the curse is broken and liberated. I met so many kind strangers that it made me believe in the goodness of the world. As cheesy as it sounds, people are good! Somehow it's always easier to talk to a stranger. You can talk about anything, your deepest fears, wishes, dirty windows, proverbs and broken hearts. It's insanely liberating because you know it doesn't matter what you say. This super brief encounter is just about a pure and short companionship that is sentenced to died. Unless of course you decide to stay in touch. But who does it anyways?
I think it's only acceptable in Before Sunrise film.
Travelling strangers are meant to stay strangers even though they probably know more about each other than some of their closest friends or family.

I went to see a performance with Maria. It was certainly an interesting experience.
First act was with a guy standing in the middle of the stage, having a candle and that was actually it. The whole audience was given candles to spill the wax on his body. I couldn't do it and I was the only one. I mean fuck that participation shit. I'm against any kind of torture but self inflicted one.
Then there were 3 people fighting with plastic penises which was absolutely hilarious. That I could watch often.
The last act was with a woman who didn't  know what to do with her gigantic breasts so she started to squeeze oranges with them. Many oranges! It was fascinating how many oranges can breasts squeeze.
It's been raining here a lot lately. Today is Sunday and I feel like there's no way I go out and talk to any people.
People should stay indoors sometimes. I watched Boyhood which I absolutely loved apart from Mason's beard in the end of the film. As I'm writing this I'm sitting in one of the most beautiful cafes ever. It's called La Gallina en el Divan and it has the greatest selection of teas and cakes. The place is owned by an adorable couple who's trying to bring the culture and art into their cosy and charming space.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunny times are almost here

4 days off. I don't think I've ever wanted to get away from my job so much. Sometimes I really wonder if there's an ideal job for me... Maybe I'm just not any kind of a working person. As bad as it sounds I should probably marry rich. The mundane of working bores me. I have moments when I wish there was something I was insanely good at. Something that would fulfil me.

Anyway it was the birthday party of my flatmate Rieke so we had some drinks and pizzas at our place. Some of her Erasmus friends came to visit. It brought back the memories of my Erasmus year in Valencia. What a splendid and fascinating year! Half of it it's quite blurry but the rest definitely makes up for it. I was so slothful about being responsible and my recklessness took over.
Concentrating only on five Norwegian guys, tapas, burning sun and salty showers.

Last week it got really hot around 27 degrees. The Vodafone company fucked me over. Bitches! I've being fucking living in this country for almost two years, paying taxes and being insured here. So why in the whole entire world can't you give me a phone contract? I brought all the important papers with me and I spent good 20 minutes settling the contract when they finally told me they can't give me the contract. Apparently being a citizen of EU means nothing in Spain. This could never happen in London! I got so upset that I had to go shopping and buy many clothes. Anyways eventually I went to the police station and became an official temporary citizen of Seville.

Living in Spain made me very emotional. I don't care for hiding my emotions anymore. All concern about looking and behaving in a certain way is utterly gone. I'm happier this way. I cry when I feel like crying, I'm moody when I want to be and bitchy whenever I have to be. It seems to all work.

Tiger grew up so much. He's so fast and can jump real high and loves playing. He's learnt to eat and do his duty all by himself which made me love him even more. No more of his stinky comida.

On Saturday I went with my flatmates to Alcazar. It's an old palace in Seville where recently The Game of Thrones were directed. It's been renowned as the most beautiful palace in Spain. And it rightfully is. I think we spent 5 hours there with the best guidance of Francisco born and raised Seville citizen. In the Courtyard of the Maidens there are hidden faces of dolls in the mess and rich decoration. The legend says that if you find the doll faces you'll find the love of your life. Of course I stubbornly decided to locate the doll faces and spent half of my lifetime there looking. Exasperated I asked Francisco where the fuck are those faces?! He told me and you know what, they were the ugliest doll faces I've ever seen! They should be called monsters or goblin faces. I strongly believe the effort should count too! Where are you my ballet dancer?
Another stunning and astonishing room is Baths of Lady Maria de Padilla. And of course the breath taking gardens with labyrinth attached. Now being a citizen of Seville I can go there anytime I want to for free and read a book in the gardens.
Then we went to eat to an amazing tapas place with traditional atmosphere. The portions were huge and delicious and there were no tables but marble wide steps where people ate.
Also I finally met up with my friend Felipe who I know from London. We went for a dinner with his friends and then to Triana for some drinks.

Finally I started to go to the cinema again and I'm so happy about it. I forgot how much I missed going to the cinema. On Wednesdays it's only 3.90 euros. I've watched The Grand Budapest which was adorable and Birdman which was beautifully edgy and intense. The Grand Budapest was based on short stories by an Austrian writer Stefan Zweig who happens to be the favourite writer of Candela. I started to read his stories and they are truly unusual. Last night I've read Letter from an Unknown Woman, Mendel and I cried. Sometimes we just don't see or notice the most beautiful people of this world.