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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tarifa, Unfortunate Theft and Grief

On Thursday at work Amelia and I decided to go to Tarifa on Friday morning. Everyone's been praising its beauty and I wanted to see it for myself for a long time. We said we'd try to do the whole trip cheaply so we decided to go by Blabla car. Our driver, Rocio happened to be a yoga instructor, masseur and an amateur surfer. Rocio was a great company, entertaining and interesting. We went to Tarifa without a map or any research. Luckily Rocio showed us all the nice beaches, great hostel and places to eat.
So it happens that she's working in Tarifa almost every weekend. She was saying how being 35 makes it harder to find and ideal/convenient/appropriate boyfriend. She thinks men became more difficult and complicated than women.
Tarifa has both Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean and of course hot surfers and kite surfers. It's also one of the windiest places in Europe. People go crazy because of the wind. At least three of my friends warned me to check the weather if there's Levante wind that weekend. That's the meanest and cruelest of all winds.
As we approached Tarifa, the excitement hit in. The temperature was significantly lower than in Seville and it was windy. I love the saltiness and freshness of the wind. We chose the hostel, Rocio recommended. It was six beds dorm with only three of us. Our flatmate was a German teacher moving the houses so the whole floor was covered with her life. As she was getting dressed she made me smell her jumper if it was too stinky to wear. She lent us a toothpaste. In the beginning I was to Amelia like certainly I forgot some things (toothpaste) she says no worries I've got everything (apart from shampoo, shower gel and deodorant).
As soon as we left our things in the hostel, we went to explore. Tarifa has these adorable cafes where you can order crepes everywhere. Everything is fresh and reasonable prize.
I don't like visiting churches, cathedrals or looking at Jesus pictures but I love castles. There was one with a gorgeous view of the ocean and sea. At some point five of us were in a little tower taking selfies with iPhones.
Close to the castle there was a smaller imitation of it by the beach. I love the idea of having your own castle with double glazed windows and TV satellite.
We also met lovely citizens, a man building boats just for hobby and then giving them away as presents to his family members. He was so wrinkled and sun bleached but happy.
At night there was a live music in one of the beach bars. We sat on one of the couches outside the bar, sipped gin and tonic and beer and just listened to the sea cravings and the band inside.
The following morning I could understand the whole wind talk. I felt so tired and lethargic. The wind got even stronger and we decided to leave the same day.
Last hours were spent on the beach of course. As we were walking on the shore I've noticed a father with his son flying the kite. Of course I had to get a kite too. Firstly I tried to ask the daddy where did he buy it. He appeared to be a very sexy daddy advising me to go to a Chinese shop. You can find literally everything in the Chinese shop. Of course they didn't have any classy kites so I had to do with a cartoon one for €2. Amelia got the Frozen one for €2.20 and it broke before she could even fly it. Oh Frozen!!!
On the beach it got pretty obvious that kite flying requests certain skills. I mean it's fucking hard. You need the good wind and skilfully handle the kite. There was this old man trying painstakingly to explain it to us. However the problem wasn't not getting him but the lack of practice. In the end Amelia managed to fly it couple times. Then we just ditched it.
When we got on the bus something awful happened. It was half empty and we were so tired and sat down on different seats so we could sleep. I was dozing off a lot and suddenly there was this guy sitting behind me and asking me if I wanted a cake? Half asleep I was like no thanks thinking what a weirdo. I mean who offers you free cakes nowadays? Maybe occasionally some old ladies give you sweeties on the plane or horny guys buy you drinks but cakes on the bus? Well after we got off I understood.
My gorgeous friend iPhone was gone. That cake dick nicked it. I mean really?
No one should fucking steal!!! Unless they were stealing from filthy rich millionaires. I had so much on that phone. All the videos and pictures, beautiful messages....
It was 10pm when I finally found an open police station. I was tired, sunburnt, full of sand, hungry and thirsty so as I entered the police station, I just burst out crying! Suddenly there were five hot policemen around me probably thinking someone must have raped me.
Seville police is so nice. They are very empathetic and helpful. In the end I had to stay there until 2am and translate. There was a French couple not speaking Spanish who was robbed trying to get the papers from the police who didn't speak any English or French. So of course as a good Seville citizen I helped.
When I got home I just fell on my bed, fully dressed, dirty and cuddled to my cat.
Of course my phone wasn't insured...
These days I feel like I'm grieving. Like I've lost a dear friend. So long iPhone.

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