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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Holidays

Lately I've been really fed up with Seville. It is still a beautiful city, with many things to do, eternal sun doesn't stop shining, food tastes as deliciously as before but I feel like I've seen it all. It just became an annoyingly small, sunny yet opaque picture that I wanna frame and carry with me to my final destination.
I've been kind of thinking about settling down, you know, to find that one place, where I want to stay and just built my life. I don't want to feel this scattered and irked anymore. Although it could be lovely, sometimes, not to belong anywhere.

I was thinking, planning, and deciding on what to do and where to go. And it came all down to two choices, London and Barcelona. London offers a lot, numerous possibilities, it's swift and efficient and my dear friends are there. So I thought let's become a qualified Spanish teacher. It's well paid, it has a future... I spent some quality time rewriting my CV, Cover Letter, then I sent it to agencies that my friend Amelia recommended. Guess what was their reply? Unfortunately we can't help you right now as you are not based in London. However if you come back in August, make sure to contact us. I mean really? What happened to Skype interviews, fucking face timing and me willing to fly to London for face to face interviews? What more do they want?
Then again that recurring thought of coming back... To live in an expensive and sunless city, working all my life to pay for travel expenses and funny tasting food and for what? Living in a shared flat/ house for the rest of my life?
OK, I do love London and of course it's such beauty but I got to the point in my life where beauty is not enough anymore.

I guess it's Barcelona then... I'm sure I can find a job there but I need to save up first. But how? Not quite sure after I got fired from my previous preposterous yet well paid job.
How did I end up with way less paid job and being way busier?
What a fucked up blunder was this? Honestly the best song for my current situation is: Creep by Radiohead. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here...

Luckily the Easter holiday came. I had so much fun, rest, food and beach.
First half of the week I stayed in Seville and went to the gym every morning. Pilates became my obsession insomuch that I get up at seven or eight in the morning to attend the class and stare at my hot instructor. My feeble body is slowly changing and I feel stronger.
The news from my house is that our cleaning lady is moving to Chile because she can't exist without her partner who recently went there to work. It'd be a beautiful love story, if her partner didn't work in a desert and slept in a car because he's so grossed out by his slovenly accommodation. I think only in this case I would rather stay in Seville. Like, I wish her good luck and possibly she will have an adventure of her life unless someone kidnappes, rapes or kills her. Ok I am being ignorant here because I don't really know that much about Chile and its situation so I just shut up. I would still visit but the capital not desert. So now we don't have the cleaner and I can't see who's gonna clean here...

During holidays I went out with my colleagues and it was so nice. I went for a lovely dinner with Sara and her Spanish friend Mar who is a lawyer. We went to a great Italian restaurant called La Mafia. The wine, pasta and service was excellent. Mar is from Madrid and she doesn't like it here much neither but her boyfriend lives here... Yeah well love means fuck loads sacrifices. Then we went for cocktails and OK it was the best gin and tonic I had, but seven fucking euros?! Yeah, now I wish I listened to my mom and studied law. Mar is so sweet and she can get really excited. She can't stop talking, telling stories and offering her rich and posh friends to single ladies.
The best time I had was with Jessie. She's half American, half Spanish. Definitely more American though which I love. She's funny, smart and really easy to talk to. We met at 4pm and stayed together until 1am. She introduced me a new wine called The Perfect Boyfriend and it is so delicious. I absolutely adore wine! It was so nice to be able to talk to someone without checking out the phone and just really enjoying the conversation. Jessie's moving to Boston in August though. I wish I could come with her, even with the Donald Trump threat. Ok maybe not.

The rest of the holidays I spent in San Fernando in Candela's house. It's where her grandpa, auntie and mom live. Oh and of course their dog Chiquillo or Don Juan DeMarco, depending on a day. Her grandpa says the dog can actually talk. Teh house is gorgeous, full of antique furniture, delicious food, love and insane amount of laughter. Her grandpa is such funny and interesting guy. Candela said that he has a big imagination and that when she was little he would tell her incredible stories and of course she would believe him. For instance once he said that a nun who lived at a house nearby was stealing children. Since then little Candela always avoided that place. Moreover, when his youngest daughter did her masters in Oxford, he would write essays for her in English... The thing is nobody really knows where he learnt it. He uses Mac book, iPad, plays bridge on daily bases... Did I mention he is 80?
Our friend Natalia joined us in Candela's house and mostly we spent days on the beach. Every morning we woke up really early, took a bus to Cadiz and explored the local beaches.
We always had a lunch in the town, returned to the beach and stayed until late afternoon, then came back home, ate dinner, watched Friends and went to sleep. Honestly so relaxing! I couldn't ask for more. Candela's mom cooked Tortilla and Empanada and I tried lots of them before from many different places but hers were just insanely delicious.
Candela showed me one of the most gorgeous beaches, where the old Spa house is. It's called La Caleta. The beach runs in between two castles and there are numerous boats resting near the shore. We walked  around, sunbathed, took pictures, found a sea monster and watched the acrobats performing on a rope.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Waking up with a stranger and visit to Valdepenas

As usually the time has been passing too fast. I've been busy teaching teenagers who ask me if British girls get periods too or writing me little notes saying: Miss, can you make sure Antonio doesn't sit opposite me? He keeps staring at my boobs. Thank you.
So yeah I've been pretty busy sorting out the jungle.
Thanks to spending 100 euros on dentist I radically reduced my ugly smoking habits and became a social smoker. The only problem is that very often there are too many social events to attend. One thing led to another and I also signed up for a gym. I'm so happy and proud of myself for finally doing it. I've been saying I'll join the gym since last year. But of course the Pilates classes start at 8.30am meaning I have to wake up at 7, meaning I most likely won't. Maybe if I cut down on watching Jane, the Virgin and Girls at nights I could make it...
Moreover I went as far as buying quinoa and chia seeds. I tried to make chia pudding with almond milk but I don't know... it just didn't look like the recipe pictures and it tasted rather peculiar.

My social life has been fairly eventful. Finally I went to Seville Contemporary Art Centre. The reason I still haven't been is because it's slightly outside of Seville and you have to take two buses and then walk for a long time. I did it all for Antonio. He texted me Saturday morning to go to Mr. Saturday event in the Monastery where the Contemporary Art Centre is.
Mr. Saturday is a very nice event in the monastery gardens with music, beers and spicy vibes. The people were amazing and the music was excellent. The weather was warm, springy and it was such pleasure to drink beer and softly follow the music. The best thing is that if you get bored you can always wander around and see eery installations and exhibitions.
Back to Antonio. 'Tami, I'm gonna be there at 4 for sure. I promise.' 4 happened to be 9.45 and the event finished at 10.

That night was indeed an extraordinary one. I had a nice dinner with Candela and didn't plan on going out. I was tired and slightly drunk after the whole day out. However a friend of mine invited me to a bar and I couldn't refuse, also I agreed to go to a gay club after with Antonio.
So I went and I swear I only had like 2 gin tonics. I could count well and I walked alright... When we all left to go to the club, I somehow disappeared without anyone noticing. I didn't say goodbye or explained myself. Totally rude, I know.
So I was looking for a taxi. Of course there was no taxi in sight and I just thought, for some not very intelligent reason, I'd stop a car.
Well it didn't end there, not did I only stopped a random car, I also got in, sat down, put the seat belt on and politely told a driver to take me home because I was tired. The next thing I remember was waking up in a hotel room with the driver sleeping next to me.
I was like what the fuck happened last night? And who is this Calvin Klein looking God sleeping next to me? I just hoped I was still in Seville!
So what do you do in this situation? I mean do you quietly sneak out, sleep little more or take selfies of you with confused face and him asleep? I had no idea... I started to observe my state, the usual hangover pain, I had my underwear on and my top. Though the jeans were lying on the floor. Maybe I did have sex with him? After no sperm evidence I ruled that out.
Suddenly the Calvin Klein model woke up. And he had got muscles and blue eyes and very hot smile. I'm so startled and confused and I really wanted to touch his stomach.
He looked at me rather upset and basically just chided me for being totally irresponsible and reckless. 'I had no idea what to do. This is not my country, I don't know the law or speak the language. I wasn't sure if I should take you to the police or hospital....' and so on...
I know. He was totally right and I should be so grateful that it was him in the car, not a serial killer or rapist. But oh boy his voice was so hot and husky.
I kept nodding and I apologised a lot. He eventually ran out of speed and invited me for breakfast.
You know this could be a beginning of perfect love story, the most beautiful love story. Like imagine that during the breakfast we found out how much we loved each other and that we've been waiting for each other all our lives. And me getting into his car was one of the best things I've done.
Well it wasn't like that. True I had fun and we talked a lot and he is a total babe who had to return to USA the very same day...
In a way he probably was my crazy Saturday Prince Charming.

An amazing thing happened! I finally visited Laura, la gitana de Valdepenas. I just couldn't wait any longer and had to see her. After 4 hours on the train I finally arrived. Laura and her brother Mario waiting for me on the platform was just beyond adorable. Right away we went to a bar for tapas and beers. It was like nothing changed as if we have been together everyday. I met her boyfriend Angel who is so lovely and smart and looks after her a lot. They are so happy and in love. Finally I got to meet Maria a friend of Laura who is designing beautifully sick bags and clutches. You can find them here.
I only stayed for a day and half but Laura's mother managed to feed me for more than a week, a vegetarian paella, spinach quiche, lemon rice pudding and a lot of wine! Valdepenas is famous for wine and I understand why now. We spent Saturday night at Angel's house with pizzas, beers and wine. Almost all Laura's friends came by. They are so lovely. One of her friends mentioned how once she was sitting in a car trying to sew something, she put a needle between her teeth and swallowed it by accident. I was like OMG there are so many possible and ridiculous ways how one gets to the surgery room. Listening to their childhood and teenage stories I felt friends sick. I mean I would do anything, maybe even taste a little bit of meat, to see my friends and spend a night like this one with them.
I left very happy and sad at the same time. I forgot how much I miss Laura. Everyday.