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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lala Sex

As I mentioned in my previous post, I met that circumcised guy whose name I could not remember. Well, he kept writing me to go and see Lala Land with him which I agreed to eventually. I actually thought it could be a nice date, you know to sit in a dark cinema, knees occasionally touching, timid glances and gently whispering into each others ears.
Well it was so not like that at all! I arrived 5 minutes before the film started and we just had time to kiss on both cheeks (as you do with everyone else in Spain) and rushed to the cinema. 

Now, the screening room was insanely packed (it was only couple days after the premiere). Of course we had to sit next to the noisiest guys ever, who were loudly commenting on everything. One of them actually fell asleep and snored. I was like are you fucking kidding me?! Plus, it was insanely hot in there, like I felt my mascara was melting. And I've realised that I forgot to put a tampon on (in) as I was leaving work in a hurry to make it on time.
Mind you a I had a light pink skirt on. Luckily, I didn't end up soaked in blood.
I have to mention that not once I felt like touching him or you know snuggling him. Not that I was uncomfortable but it just felt weird. 

After the movie, it was 1am and he had to wake up at 6 so we just went to a bar for couple drinks. He talked a lot about cinema which is great but at the same time, dude there are other things too! It felt like a cinema lecture I used to have back at the uni. He's super smart, career driven, knows what he wants and follows his dreams, which is very admirable and hot although at that time I was mostly just not that interested...
He paid for the tickets and drinks saying I could invite him to the cinema next time...
Like we didn't even kiss goodbye nor did we talk about 'us'. I mean after doing everything on Friday, we came to puta nothing on Wednesday.
Walking back home, along dirty streets of my barrio, I got slightly upset! What if I will never feel that spark again?! Did I get too cynical for rainbows and butterflies?
Well, next day I felt better and thought: whatever... It just didn't feel right.
Surprisingly, the guy kept texting me about my weekend plans etc and I kept responding.

On Saturday,Yolanda and Micaela decided to make a dinner in our place, guacamole and pappa al pomodoro (fucking delicious). 
Micaela's boyfriend is staying with us this month and his brother who works in London came to visit too. Perfect reason for a party!
After the dinner, we happened to go to the same club as last week, Sidecar. The music was great, I was having fun and actually dancing which I don't do a lot/often.
Let me tell you something about myself...Many people say I have a sad face. Honestly, the amount of people who asked me if I was ok on Saturday, I couldn't possibly count! If my friends ask, it's because they are concerned but if random, annoying guys do that, I just fucking wanna hit them! Like what do they think, that they could save me, hold me in their arms and all the black skies would go away? I just have ny own private dance where I jump among glitters dressed in cotton candy. To all men concerned: I am happy inside! Also, why is being sad so overwhelmingly concerning to everyone? There is happiness in sadness too.

Later that night, as we were dancing, I saw him. Still not knowing his name, my friend Yolanda started to call him Lala Sex. So let's call him that. Previously as I was texting with him, I mentioned where I was. I wish I wasn't so ambivalent about everything!
Lala Sex turned up and started talking to me on the dance floor. I was a little upset because I wanted to dance with my friends and just excused myself after some time (I know that was rude).
After some time, me and Yolanda decided to get the cigarettes and smoke outside. As we were buying them, we realized we didn't have enough coins (typical) and there Lala Sex came to save us.
Of course Yolanda asked him to come with us and she was super charmed by him.
In the end, she was shouting at me that I should give him another chance and take him home. She can be so insistent and also I was tired, sober and just wanted to leave. So, I let him take me home. On the way back, he made me laugh a lot and I felt like actually taking him home....

I had fun and felt good although there were some awkward moments like the language barrier can actually matter when you are tired or drunk. Also, I need more time to open up. It's been a long time since I had a guy over for more than a night...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fridays Belong to Strangers...

It was supposed to be just a normal and chilled Friday night. Our friend Laura invited us to her adorable flat in Barceloneta for dinner. Tired after the whole week, I just wanted to have a nice vino time with my friends. On Fridays, Barcelona's metro closes at 2am. Surprisingly we managed to get on the last train home. But of course, my already quite drunk friend Yolanda was like: one more beer at the African bar, just one more! And I was like, this is definitely not gonna be just one more but I missed her so much over the Christmas and despite the fatigue I surrendered.

First, we met an Italian guy, in his 40s, bold and short inviting us to a club where he knew everyone so we could get there for free and had free drinks too. I was like, ok he's very nice and funny but I'd rather pay for everything myself. No, actually I'd rather go home. But Yolanda was on fire and empowered by all the wine, mojito and gin tonic.
Anyways so I found myself in a club, with surprisingly not bad music! The problem was I was too sober and the Italian guy started to be annoying. Therefore we decided to run away from him and just got lost on the dance floor.
After some time, I've noticed a tall, handsome man standing close by.
We kept looking at each other but did nothing. Yolanda of course took the initiative and started to push me towards him. I mean, fuck, she is strong for someone so petite! At some point she pushed so hard that I literally flew into his arms. We started talking, well more like shouting at each others ears because of the loud music. It turned out we share the love for cinema and when I was working in European Film Festival in Seville, he was there too. Afterwards he asked for my number and we agreed to see Lala Land on Wednesday.
Saying goodbye to him while looking around for Yolanda, suddenly I saw her passionately (Like two horny animals. We've all been there) making out with his friend! I was like wtf?!

In the end he took me home and stayed over. I mean I actually didn't want to take him home. I don't know... but the problem is I struggle at saying no! In our building, in the middle of he foyer, he lifted me up and passionately kissed me while pushing me towards the wall. Omg this sounds so cheesy! I was like, no fucking way I'm having another public sex in my own building! So I took him upstairs to my flat.
And I kinda felt happy, so nice to share my bed for a change. Of course we had sex, well actually how can I say this... I couldn't find condom and he didn't have one.
So I said, well I'm on the Pill but you know, it's just that I only met you and I don't even know if you have any... (at this point my Spanish totally failed me) contaminacion on your penis?! It was like 6am and I just couldn't remember the Spanish word for STDs... oh boy, he laughed so hard! Eventually I found a condom but there was another problem. He was circumsized recently and suddenly had a pain down there during the sex...This is the second time in Barcelona I don't get to come during the intercourse...
I mean thanks to his hands and tongue I came several times so ok but still...
After all, thank you my darling Yolanda for pushing me. I guess we all need a little pushing from time to time.

As for Yolanda... She also had her sexy time. She has a little ladder in her room and as she was getting a condom from downstairs, still drunk and super excited, she fell and fractured her toe. I mean that's the prize you get for being too eager to have sex. Oh boy...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Brief Tinder Experience and How I Had Sex on the Street

Eventually I got convinced and was intrigued into Tinder world. Mainly because of Mauricio, the Tinder king. He dates on regular basis. I was new to the city and I thought, why not?
After meeting the first guy who turned out to be a total sweetheart, I gave up. I mean, he was so sweet, interesting, decent, polite with a good job and his own flat. He paid for the lunch and we took a lovely stroll around the port. Unfortunately I didn't find him attractive. No fucking spark! I mean I didn't have sex for a long time and still I wouldn't which was a proof enough.

Luckily, my sexual frustration was satisfied. One night I went out with my friend Yolanda and a colleague, Judy. We started with some wine and beers and in the end I ended up totally knackered. Suddenly I found myself in a loud, trashy club where I couldn't move or talk. When Judy wanted to go to the bathroom, I took an opportunity and went with her. While I was waiting for her, a handsome and incredibly hot Puertoricano came up to me and started flirting. Even though I was intoxicated, I could feel his hotness in every single part of my body. My vagina was on fire!  After couple minutes talking, we smoothly moved outside to smoke. The truth is we ended up having sex on the street. We weren't even decent enough to find a dark little corner. We were simply out there, in the middle of the street, with people passing by, surely utterly shocked upon the sight of us. I wasn't exactly quiet either... And just before we came, he said: my girlfriend is actually waiting for me at home! I mean, really? What the fuck?!!!
I'm risking my reputation here and just throwing away all the decency I have, and I am not even allowed to come? What a dick?! Seriously, why couldn't he just shut up and let me come?! This just sobered me up and I was like: noway I'm gonna be the reason for their break up. So I walked away, of course he followed me and I just got into a taxi even though I live close by.
After I sat down, a driver casually told me: My colleagues were just telling me that some guys were having sex in the middle of the street! To what I replied: I can't believe it! You know, people are animals.
I was like OMG, this is so not happening!
After that I spent weeks checking out YouTube just in case someone recorded me. I didn't even know if it was a crime or not? Could they kick me out of the country?
So I googled everything and having sex in public is illegal only if there is a child present and if the genitals are shown ( which I am not sure about).